DVS 3.10


DVS 3.10 is a DVS International software product. It is a graphically enhanced microcomputer software system which operates as a single integrated program and enable users to efficiently perform depreciation, valuation and capital budgeting studies. The DVS 3.10 product runs under the following operating systems: Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP and OS/2 version 3 and above. The DVS 3.10 system is year 2000 compliant. DVS 3.10 includes the following modules:

  • Cost of Removal and Salvage Analysis Module
  • Simulated Plant Record Analysis Module (optional)
  • Actuarial Analysis Module
  • Depreciation/Valuation - Projection Reports Computation Module

The program is designed to control 100 data sets - called cases which are identified by a user designated five (5) digit number. Each case control up to 100 accounts which are identifiable by a user designated seven (7) digit number. Each account can contain up to 100 vintages of data. The vintages are in a four (4) digit field.

Each of the analytical and computational modules listed above allows for the entry of adjustments to each data field in a separate file. As a result, analyses and computations can be made on either an adjusted or unadjusted basis.

Each module has the ability to combine the data files of two or more accounts without the elimination of the original accounts data files, thereby creating an additional new account.

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